Monday, 2 September 2013

The Ordinary Vegan - Fruit Sorbet - Last Days of Summer!

Every Monday on TOV I look at everyday items from main supermarkets that happen to be vegan friendly. This week it is the turn of sorbet. Yes, I am trying to cling onto the last of these summer days as the schools go back and the leaves start falling, our minds and stomachs will start thinking about hot filling desserts, so before that happens, I'm going to talk about sorbet.

Many sorbets are made from fruit, juice and water only, which makes them low fat, vegan and refreshing. Sorbets come in many fruit flavours such as raspberry, mango and lemon. They are icy cold, thirst-quenching and delicious. A word of warning though, some sorbets do contain milk so please check and they can give you brain freeze!!

Please don't leave us summer - we miss you already!

These sorbets are from Tesco and cost £2.50 but it is easy to make sorbets at home too. If you like home cooked vegan food please visit the blog every Tuesday for the Vegan Recipe of the Week. Also every Thursday on Vegan Vox Blog is Vegan Vox Reviews...reviewing vegan shops, restaurants, products and more.

Big Vegan Love,



  1. I share your feelings about the departure of Summer! At least we've had a great berry season here in the UK. I bet homemade blackberry sorbet would be a nice way to slip into Autumn painlessly! Some of Waitrose Seriously Fruity Alphonso mango sorbet is suitable for vegans- we tried it the other day and loved it! It's £2.99 so a little pricier than Tesco. I think the lemon and the raspberry may also be vegan.

  2. Hi thanks for reading and for the recommendation. I will have to try the Waitrose sorbets. Great idea about using the berries around now to make my own sorbet. That way I can try and hold off autumn just a little longer. :-) VVx