Monday, 7 July 2014

The Ordinary Vegan - Coconut Ice

This week's TOV is another from Tesco. This handmade coconut ice is free from artificial flavours and colours and is vegan. Yay! Yummy sweet delicious coconutty treats, what's not to love? It costs £1.48 for a pack of 150g. Most coconut ice has condensed milk in so it is great to find a vegan version in a supermarket.

Here are the ingredients:

Big Vegan Love,



  1. Love coconut ice! Have found a vegan version in Lidl at Christmas-time too. My top tip is to dip the pieces in melted dark chocolate for a home-made "Bounty"-type treat ;)

  2. My old favourite.... yum! But after visiting the vegan mini fyre at the weekend and totally gacking out at the Lakeside stall, I think I'll have t o save this for another day... in the process of finding out what Aldi confectionary is vegan. A lot of it seems to be (mint or orange thins, one type of dark chocolate, etc.)

  3. Having recently moved to the UK (London) from Australia, I am in the process of discovering all the vegan foods here. Tesco has proved better than expected and I will now have to look out for this! Thanks :)