Monday, 9 June 2014

The Ordinary Vegan - The Food Doctor - Chipotle Chilli Wholeful Grains

I found these snacks at Home Sense but Food Doctor products can be found in many health food shops, supermarkets and online as well. 

These are a great vegan snack to keep in the car for a long journey, to take to the cinema or to keep you going at work. It's full of healthy grains and seeds - including pumpkin seeds, corn, broad beans, soya beans, black beans, brown rice, almonds, peppers, peas, chillies, lime, herbs and spices. It is labelled as suitable for vegans on the packaging and sells for around £2.50 for a 150g bag.

They are spicy and full of flavour and make eating nuts and seeds more fun! They are a good source of protein and high in fibre. Food Doctor do a range of vegan-friendly snacks which are based on whole foods. What is your favourite go to healthy savoury snack to top your energy levels up until your next meal? Share in the comments below.

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