Monday, 17 February 2014

The Ordinary Vegan - Inside a vegan kitchen

Many new vegans or those contemplating becoming vegan wonder if you need to buy lots of new products or fancy equipment in order to live a vegan lifestyle. So this week's The Ordinary Vegan is a bit different. I am going to show you around my kitchen!

Let me start by saying that the only thing you need in a vegan kitchen is a good chopping board, a set of good knives, a cooker and lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, grains, seeds, pulses, herbs and spices. Everything else is a choice. I love kitchen gadgets and so have more than most, but I spend most of my time in the kitchen making food, photographing food or writing about it!

These are my store cupboard essentials:

A range of oils, spices, vinegars, seasonings, nutritional yeast and stock cubes.

A range of tinned produce, vegetables, beans, lentils, chopped tomatoes and a quick veggie chilli if I'm feeling too tired to cook.

I have a savoury and sweet snack cupboard with naughty vegan treats in like nuts, crisps, crackers and biscuits.

A huge pile of cookbooks for meal ideas and inspiration. These don't need to be vegan cookbooks, many recipes can be easily adapted for a vegan diet.

In my fridge, I always have some non-dairy milk and butter, usually some vegan cheese, salad and lots of sauces. There is usually a tub of leftovers in the fridge for a quick lunch and some Jus-Rol pastry for quick and easy pies. Ooh, there's always a bar of dark chocolate in my fridge for when only dark chocolate will do!

In my freezer, I always have my own vegan ready meals. I always cook in large batches and freeze portions for after a hard day at work. You will often find some dairy-free ice-cream, homemade bread rolls and a few vegan burgers or sausages in my freezer too along with some frozen vegetables.

Moving onto my kitchen gadgets. I have a blender for soups, smoothies and sauces. A radio to listen to whilst I'm cooking and washing up! :-)

A food processor for breadcrumbs, pesto, salsas, chopping nuts, seeds, onions, and to use in baking. 

A bread machine. I love my bread machine and I make all of my own pizza bases, bread rolls and loaves. Often I use the dough setting to do all of the kneading and mixing and proving and then bake in the oven for a lovely finish.

 A pestle and mortar - I use this to grind herbs and spices, make dips and grind seeds and nuts.

 The slow cooker is great for casseroles, soups, curries, stews and marinades.

Finally, a mixer. I do a lot of vegan baking in my kitchen and a good mixer makes light work of it!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour around my kitchen. If you love cooking and trying new recipes come back tomorrow for a brand new recipe of the week.

Big Vegan Love,



  1. Thank You for the kitchen tour, it's always good to have a peek(or a nosey)!!!! at other peoples habitats or is that just me?? my kitchen is about the same and i use my bread machine pretty much the same as you do, they're fab aren't they.
    Thanks for sharing i look forward to your next post
    Best Wishes
    Sue xxx

    1. You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post. I love looking at other people's kitchens too :-) The bread machine is super, no more processed supermarket bread, and it smells fab when fresh bread is baking in your kitchen. VVx

  2. Great post! You're so right- everything beyod pulses, nuts and seeds, grains, fruit and veg is a choice. I have similar "naughty"cupboards in my k itchen though. Love the stand mixer... I have a little grinder for nuts seeds and spices as wella s a food processor. I usually keep severaltins of coconut milk in stock, and as we get basics like flour, oats etc. in bulk from Suma wholefoods we have 3 large bins in which to store the sacks. I think if you make your treats (and nut/ seed butters) from scratch you do need some machinery like blenders, grinders etc. Your kitchen looks really well organied :)

    1. Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only vegan with a naughty cupboard;-) A mini grinder is a good ideas for spices and nuts. I have a baking store cupboard as well but forgot to put it in the post. Glad you enjoyed the post! :-) VVx