Monday, 15 July 2013

The Ordinary Vegan - Review - Maryland Snapjacks Honeycomb

Hi and welcome to the first of a regular feature on my blog called 'The Ordinary Vegan'*. The purpose of this feature is to highlight everyday items sold in most major supermarkets which are vegan.

So, if you are just thinking about cutting down your animal products, dairy and meat, or are a new vegan starting out, these are easy items you can swap your regular products for in the supermarket without having to go to special vegan stores.

This week start by swapping your Maryland Cookies for these Maryland Snapjacks Honeycomb which cost around 99p . They are a honeycomb flavoured hard biscuit (cookie), sort-of like a ginger snap but honeycomb flavoured. Mr Vox says that they are lovely dunked in tea and coffee and they just happen to be vegan! Yay! 

*Please note, I believe that no vegan is ordinary...we are all extraordinary for helping the world be a more peaceful, cruelty-free place ;-) VVx

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