Saturday, 13 July 2013

Easy DIY Vegan Cornetto-Style Treats

I don't know about your corner of the globe, but here in the UK, we have been basking in a heat-wave for the last week or so, and there is something oh so tempting about the sun and iced treats. When the Ice-Cream van plays its tune and goes on its rounds by me, the 6-year old inside me says, I want an ice cream!

Keep these handy vegan friendly treats at home and next time you hear the jingle of the Ice-Cream van you can saunter to your freezer, and make yourself this vegan sweet treat!

I got both of these from Tesco, but most supermarkets have their own versions. These are chocolate dipped and still dairy-free! Use your favourite vegan ice-cream...

Mine is this Swedish Glace vanilla.. creamy and great texture with just the right amount of vanilla.

Scoop into the cone, top with your favourite vegan sauce, I used this Askey's and some strawberry syrup and enjoy!

With Wimbledon just finished, our thoughts turn to strawberries and cream/ice-cream and this Swedish Glace works just as well on top of a delicious bowl of organic strawberries. If you have a pick-your-own fruit farm near you or can grow them yourself, even better.

My nearest pick-you-own fruit farm is Essington Fruit Farm in Wolverhampton. Pop along if you are in the region, they have a fab farm shop which sells loads of fruit, veg and preserves as well as a tea room.

Enjoy the Sunshine! VVx

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