Monday, 23 June 2014

The Ordinary Vegan - Earth Balance Buttery Popcorn

Now for those of my readers in the USA, you may be wondering why I have never mentioned Earth Balance products before and my UK readers are probably wondering why this would be on TOV and not on Vegan Vox Reviews. Well my vegan friends, here are the answers.

US readers, here in the UK we do not have access to these wonderful vegan products by Earth Balance which is why I have never featured them before. UK readers, this is not a special product I have been sent for review...I found these at Tesco!! In large Tesco stores at the moment they are trialling American vegan, gluten-free and free-from products. I am hoping if they sell well they may become a regular feature so grab them whilst they are hot!

This huge 170g bag of Earth Balance Buttery Popcorn is labelled as vegan, gluten-free, is non-GMO and contains no trans fats.

They taste buttery and rich and how I remember non-vegan butter popcorn tasting. I was so excited to see these in Tesco. They sell for around £2 and they also had by Earth Balance: Sea Salt Kettle Chips, Peanut Butter Popcorn and Peanut Butter spreads.

Big Vegan Love,



  1. Which Tesco did you find this in? I am struggling to find these products in my local stores and can't seem to buy them from Tesco online :o( x

    1. They are only available in the Tesco Extra store, the largest ones. The nearest ones to me are Dudley and Walsall. VVx