Monday, 23 September 2013

The Ordinary Vegan - Falafel

This week, The Ordinary Vegan is all about falafel. This Middle Eastern dish , originally from Egypt is sold in the Middle East as street food and is popular throughout Lent and Ramadan when some people give up meat, therefore it is a perfect ordinary vegan food. Now this dish has become popular in the UK at street markets, food vans, restaurants, take-aways, ready-to eat and even 'make your own' packets in supermarkets. Many of the street vendors actually have 'vegan' written on the side of the stall or van or on a board nearby, but some do not advertise it as vegan so just ask. Every street vendor I have seen selling falafel has been vegan. Falafel is usually made from chickpeas and flour with herbs and spices, which are then shaped into balls and deep fried in vegetable oil. It is often served in a pitta bread with salad and sauces or just with salad, on even just eaten alone. They make a tasty on-the-go snack and are great for sandwiches and picnics. Falafel is great value too, at around £1-1.50 per box mix. Click on the product pictures for product information and links. They can be purchased from most major supermarkets and health food shops.

You can buy packets such as these to make at home in around 10 minutes:

Or you can buy them from the supermarket ready to eat such as these:

There are a few of the new flavoured varieties which contain milk/milk powder so please check the packets before buying. Even better you can make them yourself from scratch. If cooking from scratch is more your thing, come back tomorrow for the Vegan Recipe of the Week.

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