Monday, 19 August 2013

The Ordinary Vegan - Old El Paso Fajita Kits

This week on TOV, I am showcasing Old El Paso Fajita Kits. These are sold in all supermarkets and mini-marts in the UK and make a great quick evening meal. I also sometimes keep these in my cupboard for when I have omnivores over for dinner as they seem to be accepted by meat-eaters even though they can be totally vegan! Not all of the varieties are vegan, there are a couple of extra mild varieties which have milk powder, so check the box. My favourite flavour is the Roasted Tomato & Pepper Fajitas.

The kit comes complete with eight soft flour tortillas, salsa and fajita spice mix. All you need to add is veggies. In addition you can add vegan cheese, substitute 'chicken' pieces or strips and salad. The kits serve 4 people.

I used mixed peppers, a red onion, mushrooms, Morrisons Chicken-Style pieces, Cheezly, jalapenos and salad.
BTW, these Morrisons Chicken-Style pieces are fab, they are only £1.50 for a large bag and are vegan. Yay!

So, you just chop up your veggies and stir fry in a little oil in a pan, add your 'chicken strips' if using and then add the fajita spices. Stir fry for around 5-10 minutes and serve with warmed tortillas, the salsa sachet, salad, jalapenos and vegan cheese/sour cream (optional). They taste yummy!

Then serve and enjoy with friends, vegans, veggies, omnivores - everyone loves Mexican food!

This week, you have two TOVs in one, Old El Paso Kits and Morrisons Chicken Style Pieces. Both sold in major supermarkets and accessible to all, no cooking skills required! Super Easy! If cooking gorgeous vegan food from scratch is more your style, then pop back every Tuesday for the Vegan Recipe of the Week.

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