Monday, 21 October 2013

The Ordinary Vegan - Hip Dippers


This week on TOV I am featuring Hip Dippers. This is a range of savoury snacks, baked breadsticks and salsas sold in Home Bargains. All of the products I have found for sale in my local branch are vegan (except for the sour cream dip), but only labelled as vegetarian. However, I have checked for dairy, honey or additives and have found no animal products on the ingredients lists.

First up are these Sundried Tomato and Black Olive mini breadsticks, they have a lovely flavour and are very crunchy, so hold dips well.

Next up is this Super Cool Salsa. They also do a Hot Salsa if you prefer some spice. This is a chunky and refreshing salsa with lots of flavour, lovely with the breadsticks or spread on crackers, nachos or in quesadillas.

The final product I tried was the Chilli and Garlic baked breadsticks, these were spicy and tangy and were lovely with the super cool salsa.


These chips and dips retail for around 89p for the breadsticks and 69p for the salsas so they are really good value and great to take to a party or just munch on whilst watching a DVD in front of the fire.

If homemade food is more your style, come back tomorrow for another fab Vegan Recipe of the Week.

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