Thursday, 5 September 2013

Vegan Vox Manchester, UK.

Last week I reviewed the fabulous V Revolution in Manchester and promised to highlight some of the other vegan friendly places I visited whilst in the city. So this week 'Vegan Vox Reviews...' becomes 'Vegan Vox Travels...' as I will give you a guide to vegan goodies I purchased and where I purchased them from in Manchester.

We started off our day in Manchester in and around the Arndale Centre. Whilst a very typical large city centre shopping mall, there was a couple of places which piqued my interest. The first was an old fashioned sweet shop called A Quarter of Sweets selling jars of sweets, retro sweets and international sweet brands. Now, sweets are something that can be difficult for us vegans as there are lots of animal by-products used in sweets for colouring and gelling. This sweet shop has catered for us though by sticking V stickers on all jars which are vegetarian and having ingredient list labels on all jars too. This made it really easy to check which sweets were suitable and not have to walk away because I can't be sure which sweets are vegan. Success! I bought some super sour cherry sweets and super sour apple sweets.

Next, me and Mr Vox walked along the main high street and into a newly refurbished branch of Holland and Barrett. This was a super-sized branch with its own pick and mix seeds and nuts, a jelly bean bar full of vegan friendly varieties - no gelatine in sight - and an oil and vinegar counter where you can decant your own. There were lots of fridges and freezers stocking the usual vegan 'meats' and 'cheeses' and ready meals too. I bought some Vegideli Mince from here for my Vegan Vox Lasagne recipe.

Our next port of call was the Northern Quarter - full of quirky stores selling fashion, music, art, accessories and a host of coffee shops and cafes. We stopped off for a quick drink at Home Sweet Home, a cool retro coffee shop which sells veggie full English breakfasts, and browsed around all of the lovely independent stores including the wonderful Afflecks. The cafe on the top floor of Afflecks also has a veggie breakfast option.

After stopping for our lunch at V Revolution, which I reviewed last week (click here) we wandered down towards the Metropolitan University Campus and to Eighth Day Co-Op, which is an all-vegetarian health food store, cafe and take away.

There were lots of gorgeous treats in here for me to purchase and eat. Unfortunately, as we had not long had lunch, we didn't try the cafe but me and Mr Vox went on a snack mission and bought some yummy treats instead which we could take back with us.

As you can see from these photos, we had a huge choice and they stocked a wide range of whole foods, canned goods, fresh food, pastries, dairy replacements, ready meals and snacks. This is what I ended up purchasing.

We sat on the grass in the park opposite the shop and shared the Booja-Booja Chocolate Vegan Ice-Cream which was so good, I wish I could have took some home with me. I also took home some Cofresh lentil chips, Mini-Moos rice milk mint chocolate bar, a Nakd Ginger Bread raw bar and some Whole Earth organic lemonade. A good shopping experience but as the store was vegetarian and not vegan, I still had to check labels and make sure what I was buying was suitable.

This led us onto our final stop for the day which was a few miles out of the city centre into Chorlton and to the wonderfully named Unicorn Grocery - an all vegan wholefood co-op! I loved Unicorn so much  am going to dedicate an entire post to it next week, but here are a sample of the treats which I purchased there:

Overall, I had a great day out in Manchester visiting some of the vegan shops and restaurants. I wish I could have stayed longer as there were many more places I wanted to try out. I guess I'll have to save those until next time. I love you Manchester!

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