Saturday, 20 July 2013

Cofresh Snacks - getting my vegan snack on!

Cofresh Snacks are available in most supermarkets in the UK in the world foods aisle, in mini-markets and corner shops, Home Bargains, Wilkinsons, most newsagents and in Indian food shops. All of the range is vegetarian and most of the range is vegan too. For my international readers their website says they are also available in the USA, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe.

I'm not saying they are good for you or healthy but sometimes a vegan just wants to get her snack on! Settling down to watch a film or having a quick snack in my bag when I'm out shopping, or just something quick in the freezer for dinner is always useful.

What I love about them is they are good value and found in most places in the UK, which is useful if you are out and need a quick bite.

They have a range of bars - peanut, pistachio and sesame seed to name a few.

They have large sharing bags of potato or corn snacks, such as Chilli Hoops, Jalapeno, Chilli and Lemon. These are also available in small individual bags in local newsagents and Nisa Local.

They sell bags of savory snacks with nuts such as Bombay Mix, Balti Mix and Vindaloo Mix. This pack is almost finished, I couldn't wait before taking the picture!

Cofresh also do a frozen foods range which includes Vegan Burgers, Spring Rolls and Samosas.

I haven't tried everything in the range yet, but what I have had, I have enjoyed. So thanks Cofresh for bringing vegan-friendly food to the mass market.

When I am not getting my snack on, I do love cooking fresh vegan food from scratch. Check out my blog every Tuesday for a new recipe.

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine! VVx


  1. I haven't seen the burgers, so will keep my eye out for them. Nice blog. I am not vegan but veggies, I eats loads of vegan dishes. So its nice to visit a blog that into'd to some new vegan products to me.

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. Cofresh are great. I got the burgers from Tesco. VVx