Thursday, 3 April 2014

Vegan Vox Reviews...Cook & Survive! by The Vegan Zombie

I have been a fan of The Vegan Zombie's YouTube Channel for ages and was so excited when they announced the general release of their fan-funded cookbook/graphic novel - Cook &  Survive!
I ordered my copy from Amazon on the day of release and waited patiently for it to be shipped over from the US. When it finally arrived, I was not disappointed.

It features a graphic novel with Chris, Jon and Indy the dog fighting their way through a zombie apocalypse which is brilliantly illustrated by Rob Kramer and then a full cookbook featuring over 85 recipes.

There are The Vegan Zombie classics such as their legendary Mac'n'Cheese, Corn Dogs and Pizza. There are healthy recipes, salads, soups, pies, raw recipes, desserts, breakfast, side dishes, nut milks, sauces and even vegan dog food!

It is an American book, so a few ingredients are harder to find here in the UK, but mainly they use standard ingredients and obviously the measurements are in cups but they also put weight in brackets so no conversions needed.

So if you love home-cooked vegan variety, American favourites and want to treat your companion animal to some great vegan treats too, this is the vegan cookbook for you!

What is your favourite vegan cookbook and why? Share in comments below.

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