Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Vegan Vox Reviews...Laura's Larder App

I was approached recently by the lovely people from CAT (The Centre for Alternative Technology) in Wales regarding testing out a brand new food app called Laura's Larder. The purpose of this app is to make us more aware of the impact of what we choose to eat on the environment. Even vegan diets high in processed foods and imported goods can have a significant carbon impact. 

You use the app by inputting your meals for a week, portion sizes, country of origin etc. Once you have completed a week, you can go to the stats section, where it will show you the environmental impact in terms of emissions for your diet. The app will then show the you highest impact foods you eat and suggest how you can reduce your impact. The app also analyses the health impact of your diet and warns you if you are low in essential dietary requirements or where you should cut down.

This is a great app to sit down with children and show them the impact of food choices on the environment. It would work well in a classroom or home environment and is very family friendly and educational whilst remaining fun and interactive as well.

The app is available via the CAT website now at 

So go and try it out and find out what impact your diet is having on our planet.

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NB. I volunteered to test out this app and was not paid for this article.

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