Thursday, 8 May 2014

Vegan Vox Reviews...Ten Acre Crisps

I was lucky enough to be sent some samples of the new Ten Acre Vegan Crisps range to try so I could review them for you, and let me tell you, I was impressed.

The flavours are interesting and quirky, they come with their own unique names and a fab website too. All of the flavours are vegan and gluten-free and they are registered with The Vegan Society.

The flavours include Sweet & Sour, BBQ, Bombay Spice, Chicken Soup, Ready Salted, Sweet Chilli and perhaps the most exciting for vegans...Cheese & Onion.

It is hard to find vegan cheese and onion crisps, so this is a real treat. The crisps all have a hand cooked finish, are not overpowering with flavour and come in a decent sized portion of 35g bags. My favourite is the Sweet & Sour flavour.

I'm really excited about this new crisp range. Click here to read all about their flavours and ask your local health food shop to start stocking them for you. We will have some for sale on our "The Vegan Grindhouse" Streetfood Truck.

Big Vegan Love,


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  1. The best thing I liked about Ten Acre Crisps is that they come in convenient 35g bags. The vegan cheese and onion crisps have blown me over. It’s got a mouth watering taste that stays on your tongue for long.