Thursday, 14 November 2013

Vegan Vox Reviews...Essential Vegan Cookbook by Vanessa Almeida

This week on VVR I am reviewing Essential Vegan Cookbook by Vanessa Almeida. On Tuesday, Vanessa shared her Chocolate Cheesecake recipe with us here at Vegan Vox Blog and this book is full of more delicious recipes which are just as simple and tasty.

Vanessa Almeida is an accomplished Brazilian vegan chef based in London. Having moved to England with her husband Neni in 2007, Vanessa spent the last few years responding to the diverse range of cuisine peppered across the UK capital by crafting a sumptuous collection of plant-based dishes. With a background in nutrition studies (specialising in veganism), Vanessa thrills in educating her blog readers on how they can incorporate healthy and hassle-free food into their everyday lives. Her Essential Vegan site is a popular destination for vegan recipes and preparation tips.

Essential Vegan Cookbook is a visually stunning collection of over 60 tasty and delicious recipes inspired by the author’s colourful life experiences. Satisfying her desire to educate and inspire others in the kitchen, Vanessa likes nothing more than combining healthy ingredients to create delicious recipes, proving that vegan food needn’t ever compromise on flavour. A unique component of Essential Vegan is the inclusion of health tips listed by ingredient, featured throughout the book in easy to find, miniature chopping board graphics.

With dishes ranging from vegan versions of Brazilian staples to luscious dairy-free cheesecakes, Essential Vegan Cookbook is the perfect companion for both seasoned vegan eaters and those looking to include more plant-based eating in their lives. This world-class collection of easy-to-prepare, healthy meal ideas is sure to be a hit in any kitchen. 

There are some lovely recipes in the book which Vanessa has shared with me including Marinated Aubergines, Chocolate Cheesecake and Tofu Minced Meat. I have tried a couple of these recipes so far and they are easy to follow and taste fab! This would make a great Christmas gift for the vegan in your life. 

Essential Vegan Cookbook is available to buy online at Images used with permission from Almeida.

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