Thursday, 7 November 2013

Vegan Vox Reviews...The Vegan Kind - #TVK1

This week's VVR is a very exciting new vegan company - The Vegan Kind. TVK is a UK monthly vegan subscription box which contains a variety of vegan products - toiletries, accessories, beauty products, household products, food and drink. I got sent a sample box for review this month but I will be signing up for subscription now as I was so impressed with the box.

This is what you get:-

An environmentally friendly box and packaging
A range of full and sample size products - 6 items in this month's box with an RRP of around £15
A newsletter
A information card telling you about your products
Money off vouchers/codes if you decide to purchase the featured items again
A glossy full colour recipe card
A free gift

This is what was included in the November 2013 box:

Salt of the Earth Crystal Spring Deodorant
Organic Miso Bouillion Paste - Concentrated Vegetable Stock
Living Naturally Soapnut Sample bag with soapnuts, soapnut liquid, soapnut soap, soda crystals, instruction leaflet
Goody Good Stuff Sweets sample size
The Vegg - vegan egg yolk replacement
QI Natural, Organic and Fairtrade Tea samples
A Recipe Card containing a Vegan Vox recipe :-)
A free gift of a TVK badge

Each month TVK contribute a proportion of their profits to a chosen charity. This month that charity was Farplace Animal Rescue - a no kill shelter who do great work for animals in need.

I love this box, it is affordable at only £10 per month + P&P, you can get to try out new and exciting vegan products, get money off discounts, seasonal recipes and contribute to an animal friendly charity - all without leaving your sofa! You can cancel your subscription at any time too.

You can get more information about The Vegan Kind at, they are on facebook, twitter, youtube and you can email them at

Pssst, I'll let you into a little secret too...they are sending out a free recipe binder in January's box to keep all of your lovely glossy recipe cards in one place. 

A huge thank you to Karris and the team at The Vegan Kind for including one of my recipes and sending me this sample box for review. You've got a new fan and subscriber in the shape of Vegan Vox now! :-)

Big Vegan Love,



  1. Thanks; that was a really interesting review. I am usually a bit cynical about that sort of thing, but it does sound like a very good deal. I also like the charity aspect. I will think seriously about subscribing :)

    1. Me too! This is first box I have actually subscribed to. There is a wide range of products and a good mixture of food and non-food items. I love the charity aspect too. :-) VVx