Thursday, 10 October 2013

Vegan Vox Reviews...Vegfest London 2013

Last Saturday, I went to London to Vegfest at the Olympia. For those of you who went, you will know just how busy it was. There was so much to look at, taste, great people to talk to, cookery demos, nutrition talks, workshops, two cinemas, live music and product demos, that it was impossible to see and do everything. Despite being there from 11-7 on Saturday, I feel there was so much more I wanted to see. Next time, I will try and go for the whole weekend!

So here's a brief round up of my day at Vegfest London 2013.

It was great to see such a wide range of people at the event, there were children, families, couples, men, women, people of all nationalities, people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds. The commonality being veganism which was great. 

There were sweet stalls.

Healthy stalls.

Cheese stalls.

Cake stalls.

This was my Ambassador cake from Ms Cupcake.

The Mighty Fork, who I interviewed for this blog...interview coming soon. They had the biggest queues all day and sold out by lunchtime!

There were vegan meat substitutes, both hot and cold.

Information stalls including the fab ladies from TeenVGN.

Live cooking demos.

Vx had an amazing stall, like a mini version of his shop in Kings Cross.

The lovely Orzo Coffee, who I did an exclusive interview with for a new vegan magazine coming out in a few weeks time called Fresh Vegan.

There were book signings - here is Ms Cupcake signing her new cookery book.

Raw and organic foods.

Educational talks from journalist, writer and musician John Robb and from TeenVGN.

TeenVGN's workshop including info on their 'Fulled by Compassion' Campaign and 'Letters for Schools'

And for me, the day finished off with a rousing acoustic punk performance by Goldblade!

When I got home I looked through my haul. I couldn't believe how much I had! I met and spoke to Sam Rogers the Director of Vegusto who was so passionate and enthusiastic that it rubbed off on everyone around him, and he has given me a huge bag of products to taste test and review for this blog (tough job! ;-)) so expect lots of cheese based recipes and reviews coming up soon! 

In addition to the Vegusto haul above , I picked up lots of things throughout the day:

Overall I had a lovely and very tiring day at VegFest London. I met some fabulous, passionate people and got some great interviews and goodies to taste test and review. I am now going to recover and look forward to the next one - West Midlands Vegan Festival at the end of the month. Hope to see some of you there!

I am organising a meet-up of Social Media Vegans at West Mids Veg Fest so if you are a vegan who has a blog, twitter, instagram, pinterest, facebook etc and would like to meet up with some other like-minded vegans at the festival, please email me and I'll be in touch with the venue details and times etc. It would be great to meet some of you. If you are not going to WMVF but like the sound of a Midland's based Social Media Vegan meet-up please email me too and maybe I can organise something for the new year in Birmingham.

Big Vegan Love,


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